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The 2X Small version contains 12 questions.

  • For more questions, pick a larger quiz.
  • This is the shortest version currently available.
  • This quiz is a work in progress!

There are no right-or-wrong answers, just be yourself.


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Disclaimer, Features, the Future, and Your Feedback

This questionnaire is a work in progress. We cannot guarantee it gives accurate results, but we have done everything possible to ensure it does

For a more detailed discussion about the accuracy of this and similar questionnaires, see our Questionnaire Disclaimer.


This questionnaire is a little different from most of the others. Note that it allows you to:

  • Answer a varying number of questions.
  • Pick from a varying number of options (rather than just one of two either/or options).
  • Opt-out of answering some of the more experimental (fun) questions that appear towards the end, in the longer versions.

Thank you for your willingness to give it a try!

Coming Soon: Google Voice Version!

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Your Feedback

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