Image of INFP containing more blue and red squares and fewer yellow and green squares.

'Visualizing the Invisible' ™

The Quiz

Technically Speaking

Technically speaking, this is not a quiz but a questionnaire. Big whoop, right? Just sayin'!

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Disclaimer, Accuracy, Etc.

To be perfectly honest, the main reason this quiz is online at this time is so I can get some feedback on it. I suppose we will come up with some sort of official disclaimer some day, for now, please just take things with a grain of salt.


Most importantly, this quiz is a work in progress, and at this time I am not by any means ready to guarantee that it will give you an accurate result!

If accuracy is important to you...

If accuracy is important to you, please take other quizzes and get a variety of opinions. And if you really want to learn exactly what your four letter type is, by all means take the real MBTI® instrument!

I've had a lot of fun writing this quiz!

It's been a real challenge to come up with the questions without borrowing too heavily from Briggs-Meyers and Keirsey — and I love a good challenge!

And I've had even more fun with writing the code to support having a different type of quiz! Note that it allows visitors to:

  • Answer a varying number of questions.
  • Pick from a varying number of options (rather than just two either/or options).
  • Opt-out of answering some of the more experimental (fun) questions that appear towards the end, in the longer versions.

But I am definitely not willing to claim it is accurate, at least, not yet!