INFJ - Mondrianesque

Image Is Based on a Four-Letter Type (Fixed Percentages)

Explain Dominant Color Explain Auxiliary Color

The large Blue rectangle represents the INFJ's Dominant personality trait, their Introverted iNtuition. Their inner vision makes them insightful, ingenious, and individualistic. This Introverted iNtuition makes INFJs driven, inspired, and determined. When properly motivated, they can overcome difficulties and find new paths in any field they choose.

The smaller Red rectangle represents the INFJ's Auxiliary personality trait, their Extraverted Feeling. Their desire for warm, harmonious relationships makes them tactful, polite, and open to what others want. They are conscientious, sensitive and loyal, and radiate warmth.

Mondrianesque image of an INFJ.

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INFJ - Mondrianesque:
The Story

This generic image of an INFJ is based on fixed percentages and is not an image of any person, real or fictional. This image exists solely to demonstrate the overall appearance of INFJ personality types.