ISTP - Generic

Image Is Based on a Four-Letter Type (Fixed Percentages)

Explain Dominant Color Explain Auxiliary Color

The long horizontal Green lines in this image represent the ISTP's Dominant personality trait, their Introverted Thinking. Their impersonal analysis of concepts and facts can make them seem shy and aloof. This Introverted Thinking makes ISTPs quiet, curious, adaptable, perceptive, and interested in solving problems efficiently.

The shorter vertical Yellow lines represent the ISTP's Auxiliary personality trait, their Extraverted Sensation. They are frequently curious, always tolerant of themselves and others, and have a constant desire for real world experiences that can make them seem to act somewhat impulsively.

Image of an ISTP using fixed percentages.

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ISTP - Generic:
The Story

This generic image of an ISTP is based on fixed percentages and is not an image of any person, real or fictional. This image exists solely to demonstrate the overall appearance of ISTP personality types.