ENTP - Generic

Image Is Based on a Four-Letter Type (Fixed Percentages)

Explain Dominant Color Explain Auxiliary Color

The long vertical Blue lines in this image represent the ENTP's Dominant personality trait, their Extraverted iNtuition. Their openness causes them to explore alternatives and find hidden possibilities. This Extraverted iNtuition makes ENTPs perceptive, charismatic, versatile, clever, and enthusiastic about making things happen.

The shorter horizontal Green lines represent the ENTP's Auxiliary personality trait, their Introverted Thinking. Their ability to reason, categorize, and analyze ideas and things enables them to solve problems efficiently and can compel them to figure out how things work.

Image of an ENTP using fixed percentages.

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ENTP - Generic:
The Story

This generic image of an ENTP is based on fixed percentages and is not an image of any person, real or fictional. This image exists solely to demonstrate the overall appearance of ENTP personality types.