Tom H. II: Humanmetrics, 2008 - Experimental

Explain Dominant Color Explain Auxiliary Color

The Blue in this image represents my preference for idealism over pragmatism. In Introverts, the dominant function is directed inwardly, and spiritual portraits use a long horizontal line to represent this. This preference is fairly strong and shows up consistently when I take different versions of the various online four-letter type quizzes.

The Red in this image represents my slight preference for using emotion rather than logic to make decisions in many situations. In Introverts, the auxiliary function is directed outwardly and is more evident than the dominant function. Because this is a very slight preference, I can be flexible and make logical decisions when the situation calls for it.

Results of the Questionnaire at, 2008 — Experimental Image

This portrait is based on my score on the questionnaire at

The result is similar, but ....

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Tom H. II: Humanmetrics, 2008 - Experimental:
The Story

This portrait is based on my score on the questionnaire at

The result is similar, but not identical, to my earlier result on the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. I do not consider the difference in scores to be significant.

This image has a few more squares — what I call a higher resolution — than the earlier self-portrait. This increase in resolution is the result of just playing around with the drawing algorithm, and is not intended to have any bearing on how the personality is expressed or perceived.

For what it's worth, I feel this image successfully represents the slightly different score. That is, I feel the additional red and slightly different composition conveys more decisiveness and less openness than the earlier image. In this respect I feel it represents my personality in a situation where I have more experience and confidence, and less need to gather information.