Patrick Henry

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Explain Dominant Color Explain Auxiliary Color

The Red in this spiritual portrait represents Patrick Henry's dominant personality trait, his amiability and passion. In Extraverts, the dominant trait is directed outwardly, and spiritual portraits use a long vertical line to represent this, because it is the side of their personality that is most evident. He demonstrated this trait in his passionate speeches, such as his famous and dramatic plea to 'Give me liberty, or give me death!'

The Yellow in this spiritual portrait represents Patrick Henry's auxiliary personality trait, his realism. In Extraverts, the auxiliary trait is directed inwardly, and spiritual portraits use a horizontal line to represent this. He demonstrated this trait when, faced with the realization that slavery was immoral, he could also see abolition would be too drastic a change to the nascent economy in such a young nation. Accordingly, he did what he could by supporting legislation in the Virginia General Assembly to allow manumission of existing slaves and to limit, and eventually halt, the importation of new slaves.

Founding Father, and First and Sixth Governor of Virginia

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Patrick Henry:
The Story

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About This Portrait

This spiritual portrait is based on Patrick Henry: Champion of Liberty by Jon Kukla and Patrick Henry by Moses Coit Tyler (1887).

Published in 1887, Tyler's book is very old, and the style of writing makes it difficult to read — but it is interesting nonetheless.

Published in 2017, Kula's book is fairly new, and I recommend it highly!