Dr. Jennifer Melfi

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Explain Dominant Color Explain Auxiliary Color

The Green in this spiritual portrait represents Dr. Melfi's dominant trait, her objectivity. In Introverts, the dominant trait is directed inwardly, and spiritual portraits use a long horizontal line to represent this. She demonstrates this trait in the way she can remain objective and impersonal when helping her patients with their psychological problems.

The Blue in this spiritual portrait represents Dr. Melfi's auxiliary trait, her openness. In Introverts, the auxiliary trait is directed outwardly, and spiritual portraits use a vertical line to represent this, because it is more evident than the dominant function. She demonstrates this trait in the way she is open to listening to others' perceptions and experiences.

Tony Soprano's Psychiatrist

While I find it difficult to relate to most of the characters on The Sopranos, it's fairly easy for me to ....

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Dr. Jennifer Melfi:
The Story

While I find it difficult to relate to most of the characters on The Sopranos, it's fairly easy for me to relate to Tony's psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi. A glance at my spiritual portrait makes that understandable and even to be expected.

At first, Dr. Melfi and Tony have some miscommunications:

Tony Soprano: I gotta be honest with you. I'm not getting any satisfaction from my work either.
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Why?
Tony Soprano: Well, because of RICO.
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Is he your brother?
Tony Soprano: No. The RICO statutes?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Oh.
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Of course, right.

But if there's one thing Tony knows how to, however, it's how turn on the charm:

Tony Soprano: [Seeing Dr. Melfi's diploma] Melfi. What part of the boot you from, hon?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: [objecting to how he addressed her] Dr. Melfi.
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: My father's people were from Caserta.
Tony Soprano: [referring to himself] Avellino. My mother would have loved it if you and I got together.

Most of Dr. Melfi's preferences are very slight, making her spiritual portrait very colorful. In light of her profession, this makes perfect sense, because being balanced makes it easier for her to relate to others.

One of the really great things about The Sopranos is, we get to see Dr. Melfi talk to her own psychiatrist, Dr.Elliott Kupfergerg, played by none other than Peter Bogdanovich. Their encounters may be few, but they are always seriously entertaining!

Dr. Elliot Kupferberg: Who in Wizard would your patient be?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Given the fact that he's a powerful, dominating male, Oz himself.
[Elliot arches his eyebrows]
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: What, with the eyebrows already?
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg: The Wizard of Oz, what memories does it conjure up?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: My parents' house, watching it on TV. Hiding under the blanket with my sister.
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg: Why do we love roller coasters, Jennifer? Scary movies?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: [annoyed] To experience the thrill of being terrified, without the consequences. That's very good, Elliot.
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg: Great film, but some terrifying moments.
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: That's very perceptive.
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg: I'm concerned that treating a mobster provides you some vicarious thrill.
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: It wasn't exactly vicarious. I had to go into hiding, remember?
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg: And wasn't that thrilling?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Fuck you! You think this is funny, you smug cocksucker! Fuck you! [walks out]

Drs. Melfi and Kupferberg are not the only psychologists on the show. There's a sprinkling of other shrinks, but Elliot and Jennifer are the only ones who appear more than a very few times.

I often wonder whether there are any other characters on the show who have a significant amount of iNtuition, represented by the color Blue in these spiritual portraits. Hey, someone has to wonder about these things!

Tony's daughter Meadow is one candidate for being more iNtuitive than the others. Also, Agent Harris is certainly an intriguing character — and one of my favorites. Perhaps I'll find the time to draw one or both of their personalities one day. To learn when I add new images of characters from The Sopranos and other TV shows, follow this site on social media or join the SeeOurMinds.com email list!