Carmela Soprano

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The Red in this spiritual portrait represents Carmela's dominant trait, her compassion. In Extraverts, the dominant trait is directed outwardly, and spiritual portraits use a long vertical line to represent this, because it is the side of their personality that is most evident. She demonstrates this trait in the way she cares for the people in her family more than anything else.

The Yellow in this spiritual portrait represents Carmela's auxiliary trait, her pragmatism. In Extraverts, the auxiliary trait is directed inwardly, and spiritual portraits use a horizontal line to represent this. She demonstrates this trait in her down-to-earth manner.

Tony Soprano's Wife

If Tony Soprano is the archetypal mob boss, Carmela Soprano is the archetypal ....

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Carmela Soprano:
The Story

If Tony Soprano is the archetypal mob boss, Carmela Soprano is the archetypal mob boss's wife.

Despite his late nights and philanderings, and the occasional bit of advice from her friends, she insists on staying with him through thick and thin.

Carmela Soprano: You know what the church says about divorce...
Angie Bompensiero: Oh, *please*! Let the Pope live with him.

Her husband commits atrocious crimes — including horrendous murders — but she insulates herself from all that.

Carmela Soprano: What we say in here, stays in here, right?
Dr. Krakower: By ethical code, and by law.
Carmela Soprano: His crimes... they are, organized crime.
Dr. Krakower: The Mafia!
Carmela Soprano: Oh Jesus.
[wipes tears from her eyes]
Carmela Soprano: So what? So what? He betrays me every week with these whores!
Dr. Krakower: Probably the least of his misdeeds.
[Carmela gets up to leave]
Dr. Krakower: You can leave now, or you can stay and hear what I have to say.
Carmela Soprano: You're gonna charge me all the same.
Dr. Krakower: I won't take your money.
Carmela Soprano: That's a new one.

One can't help but suspect that she is simply resistant to change.

Dr. Krakower: Have you ever read Crime and Punishment? Dostoyevksy?
[Carmela shakes her head 'no']
Dr. Krakower: It's not an easy read. It's about guilt and redemption. I think your husband ought to turn himself in and read this book in his jail cell and meditate on his crimes every day for seven years, so that he might be redeemed.
Carmela Soprano: I would have to get a lawyer, find an apartment, arrange for child support...
Dr. Krakower: You, you're not listening. I'm not charging you because I won't take blood money, and you can't, either. One thing you can never say is that you haven't been told.
Carmela Soprano: I see.

If Tony lays a much-deserved hand on their son A.J., though:

Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: I work hard all day to pay for this six thousand-square foot house, big-screen TVs, food on the table, video games, all kinds of scooters and bicycles, Columbia University, and for what? To come home to this?
A.J. Soprano: Sucks to be you.
[Tony slaps A.J.]
Carmela Soprano: [gasps] My God, Tony!
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: There's more where that came from! We're starting a new regime around here!

I can't help but suspect that other wives would be similarly forgiving of some of the things their husbands do in their professional lives, yet become protective when he brings the coldness home to the kids.

Carmela Soprano: You've heard the term comfort food. Maybe it'll make you feel better.
Anthony Soprano, Jr.: I know this is hard for you to believe, but food may not be the answer to every problem.
Tony Soprano: Neither is acting like a whiny little bitch.

The lack of Blue in Tony's, Carmela's, Christopher's, Paulie's, and Ralphie's spiritual portraits shows that this universe is no place for an idealist!

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