Philip Marlowe

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Explain Dominant Color Explain Auxiliary Color

The Red in this spiritual portrait represents Marlowe's dominant trait, his passion. In Introverts, the dominant is directed inwardly, and spiritual portraits use a long horizontal line to represent this. He demonstrates this trait in his determination to stay on the case and find the wrong-doer, despite being warned repeatedly to mind his own business and move on to other work.

The Blue in this spiritual portrait represents Marlowe's auxiliary trait, his idealism. In Introverts, the auxiliary is directed outwardly, and spiritual portraits use a vertical line to represent this, because it is more evident than the dominant function. He demonstrates this trait by having his own personal, inner sense of morality that is not for sale, and by being reflexively suspicious of the rich and powerful.

PI in the novel The Big Sleep

The original film version (1946) of this book is still my favorite movie of all time. The film is ....

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Philip Marlowe:
The Story

The original film version (1946) of this book is still my favorite movie of all time. The film is fast-paced, however, so it can be a bit difficult to track who killed whom.

Also, the production code at the time prevents a full-on treatment of the seedy underground culture of LA Raymond Chandler paints in his original. But those are just a couple of reasons the book is so wonderful!

The main reason I prefer the book is, although the movie includes many great quotes from it (a favorite of mine is My my my, such a lot of guns around town and so few brains.), it does not and cannot possibly include all of Chandler's descriptions (It seemed like a nice neighborhood to have bad habits in), similies (It was a smooth silvery voice that matched her hair. It had a tiny tinkle in it, like bells in a doll's house.), and metaphors (Shake your business up and pour it. I don't have all day.).

So perhaps you can imagine my delight upon learning Philip Marlowe's personality was such a close match to mine — but I doubt it!

About This Portrait

This portrait is based on the book The Big Sleep. I highly recommend this book to everyone!