Couple of Friends: Sarah & Jacob

Sarah and Jacob are the parents of a still-relatively-young daughter, and have been together for many years.

Hopefully they will share some of their tips for how they make their relationship last. Check back soon for updates!

I met Sarah and Jacob at the Goth clubs in Denver and Fort Collins here in Colorado.

They have relocated to the Pacific Northwest and we have been out of touch. I wanted to have something for them to look at before asking them to share their story.

I will share more information as it becomes available. To learn when I update the site, follow us on social media or join the email list!


Music Promoter

The Red and Yellow in Sarah's spiritual portrait say she is passionate and down-to-earth. Click on the image to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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DJ Ghrimm

Disc Jockey and Grad Student

The Green and Blue in Jacob's spiritual portrait say he is rational and idealistic. Click on the image to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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