American Presidents - 2000s

Which presidents are your favorites? How does your personality compare to theirs?

Because these are our most recent presidents, this gallery is a work in progress.

Some of the portraits in this gallery are placeholders. This means they are based on four-letter-types from other sites, rather than a full analysis of the individual. And because the placeholder portraits are based on relatively vague four-letter types rather than more specific profile scores, the stories explaining them are likewise not yet fully developed.

At this time, the gallery containing images of presidents during the 1900s has the most well-developed and consistently high-quality portraits and stories.

I frequently wonder whether an individual's personality type has any bearing on how they lean politically. As an idealist, I definitely admire idealistic presidents, such as Jefferson and Lincoln, the most.

Pending the full development of the profiles, portraits, and stories for these placeholder personalities — which takes a considerable amount of time to do properly — visitors should take placeholder portraits with a grain of salt.

These images may, however, be used for a frame of reference when looking at the portraits of other presidents on this site.

As time passes, priorities evolve, and presidents come and go, I will be updating this gallery. To keep up to date and learn when I post new images, follow this site on social media or join the email list!

George W. Bush (placeholder)

Image Based on Four-Letter Type

43rd President of the USA — Jan. 20, 2001 to Jan. 20, 2009

A frequently-referenced article (see the Story for the link) claims that George W. Bush is an ESTP. Click on the image to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Barack Obama (placeholder)

Image Based on Four-Letter Type

44th President of the USA — Jan. 20, 2009 to Jan. 20, 2017

Some experts claim Obama is an ENFP, and that is how he's represented in this image. However, there are reasons to doubt this claim. Click on the image to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Donald Trump

45th President of the USA — Jan. 21, 2017 to present

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