Grey Gardens

The Beales of Grey Gardens are kind of opposites, and kind of the same.

Between them they have all four of the core personality functions — iNtuition (Blue), Sensation (Yellow), Feeling (Red), and Thinking (Green) — covered. So as long as they respect each others' differences, they make an excellent team.

But they are the same in that they are both Extraverted and Perceiving, making them both outgoing and open-minded — in a word, delightful!

I saw Grey Gardens for the first time on the big screen at the Sie FilmCenter here in Denver. It was a special occasion and I had no idea what I was in for.

The Beales' voices echoed in my mind for a week. This is extremely rare — an excellent film might continue to affect me for a day — so the film made a huge impression on me!

These profiles are based on the original film and the follow-up only, not the remake (even though the remake does an excellent job of extending rather than distorting the real thing).

Their Extraversion explains why they sometimes seem to compete for attention from the filmmakers. This sometimes deteriorates into bickering, but even then it's fun to watch.

And it's easy to see how some people — relatives, for example — might sense their openness, and try to condescend or even take advantage. These people are in for a big surprise, however, because beneath the surface, Little Edie is most definitely a Staunch Character!

If you have not seen this historic film, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's easy to find online, but I was able to find it in the Denver Public Library, so I could watch it over and over, and share it with some friends.

Little Edie Bouvier Beale

Famous Daughter in Grey Gardens

The Blue in this spiritual portrait represents Little Edie's openness to ideas, and the Red shows that she tends to respond with warmth and emotion. Click on the image to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Big Edie Bouvier

Famous Mom in Grey Gardens

The Yellow in this spiritual portrait represents Big Edie's pragmatism, and the Green shows that she tends to respond reasonably. Click on the image to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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