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Classic Movies

Charles Foster Kane

It can be challenging building a personality profile based on only a few hours' worth of entertainment, but some characters are iconic and demand to be explored. Visit this gallery to see if it contains images of any of your favorite characters! .... [More] [Less]

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Star Wars

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo have different personalities, but get along very well. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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The Matrix


Ostensibly an action film, The Matrix movies and the characters in them are actually very deep. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Lord of the Rings

Frodo Baggins

The team in Lord of the Rings is fairly diverse, with Frodo and Gandalf's depth contrasting with the other team members' pragmatism. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Film Noir

Sam Spade

Do all hard-boiled PIs fit a certain psychological mold, or are their personalities as varied as any other loosely-knit groupof people? Click to find out! .... [More] [Less]

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Wild at Heart

Sailor Ripley

Click to learn more!.... [More] [Less]

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Grey Gardens

Little Edie Bouvier Beale

Do the incredibly gracious and wonderfully enchanting Little Edie and Big Edie have similar personalities, or are they opposites? Click to find out! .... [More] [Less]

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