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Classic Movies

Charles Foster Kane

It can be challenging building a personality profile based on only a few hours' worth of entertainment, but some characters are iconic and demand to be explored. Visit this gallery to see if it contains images of any of your favorite characters! .... [More] [Less]

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Star Wars

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo have different personalities, but get along very well. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Game of Thrones

Ned Stark

Spoiler Alert! If you have not seen Season 1, do not click! What sort of personality types survive the best in a brutal world where the possibility of instanteous death lurks over everyone like a cloud? Click to find out this and more! .... [More] [Less]

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The Wire

Jimmy McNulty

The detectives on The Wire are a fairly diverse group, and their personalities are quite different from the temperaments of most of the officers working in the detail. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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The Matrix


Ostensibly an action film, The Matrix movies and the characters in them are actually very deep. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Lord of the Rings

Frodo Baggins

The team in Lord of the Rings is fairly diverse, with Frodo and Gandalf's depth contrasting with the other team members' pragmatism. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Film Noir

Sam Spade

Do all hard-boiled PIs fit a certain psychological mold, or are their personalities as varied as any other loosely-knit groupof people? Click to find out! .... [More] [Less]

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Fawlty Towers

Basil Fawlty

Monty Python's John Cleese wrote and starred in Fawlty Towers, one of the best British sitcoms of all time. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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The Sopranos

Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano represents the archetypal mobster. How does his personality compare to the members of his other families? Click to find out! .... [More] [Less]

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Twin Peaks

Laura Palmer

David Lynch's characters can be quite quirky. Is their quirkiness evident in their spiritual portraits? Click to find out! .... [More] [Less]

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Seth Bullock

The bosses of Deadwood share a preference for rationality, which shows up as Green in their spiritual portraits. Click to see the images! .... [More] [Less]

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Sam Malone

Sam and Diane's turbulent relationship was in the forefront of the first five seasons of this classic sit-com. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Wild at Heart

Sailor Ripley

Click to learn more!.... [More] [Less]

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True Detective

Marty Hart

The two True Detectives in the first season have personalities as different as night and day. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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Mr. Eko

Lost was an interesting show with many fascinating characters. Click to see the Spiritual Portraits of a few of them! .... [More] [Less]

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Fox Mulder

Anyone who has watched the X-Files knows that Agents Mulder and Scully have very different personalities. See how images of their personalities look differently, and learn why. .... [More] [Less]

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Grey Gardens

Little Edie Bouvier Beale

Do the incredibly gracious and wonderfully enchanting Little Edie and Big Edie have similar personalities, or are they opposites? Click to find out! .... [More] [Less]

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Star Trek: The Original Series

Mr. Spock

Dr. McCoy's warm image stands in stark contrast to Mr. Spock's logical image, because their personalities are so different. Compare their images, and see how Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew fit in the mix. .... [More] [Less]

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I Love Lucy

Lucy Ricardo

The spiritual portraits of Lucy and her husband Ricky show why they so frequently disagree. Click to learn more! .... [More] [Less]

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