Image of INFP containing more blue and red squares and fewer yellow and green squares.

'Visualizing the Invisible' ™
Did you ever wonder...?
What a personality might look like, if you could see it?
Did you ever wish you could...?
Understand why your friends, loved-ones, and co-workers do and say the things they say and do?
Did you ever want to learn...?
More about what makes us tick?

If you have ever wondered, wished, or wanted any of these things, welcome to


Shedding light on the things we cannot see.

To See Their Minds...

Visit the Galleries.

They contain images of famous people's personalities, both real and fictional, and some sample images of generic personality types that do not correspond to actual people.

To See My Mind...

See the image in the page header, also shown here:

The preponderance of blue and red in this image show that I am idealistic and compassionate, The intersection of the two longest lines in the lower right corner shows that I am introverted.

The image also contains plenty of green and yellow, which shows that I am flexible. And indeed, I can be down-to-earth and rational when the situation calls for it, such as when I am working or taking care of the business that is part of everyone's day-to-day life.

To See Your Mind...

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To learn more about all this ...

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In addition to hosting a video, the page tells the story behind this idea and describes how learning about all this has helped me over the years.