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Spiritual Portraits use colors to represent an individual's personality based on their answers to a set of multiple-choice questions.

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Did you ever...?

Did you ever wonder...?

... wonder what a personality might look like, if you could see it?

Did you ever wish you could understand...?

... understand why your friends, loved-ones, and co-workers do and say the things they say and do?

Did you ever want to learn...?

... learn more about what makes us tick?

If you have ever...

If you have ever wondered, wished, or wanted any of these things, welcome to


Shedding light on the things we cannot see.

See Their Minds!

To see a variety of Spiritual Portraits, visit the Portrait Galleries.

The Portrait Galleries on this site contain images of the personalities of many people — both real and fictional.

There are also galleries showcasing the sixteen types and some experimental compositions. These galleries in particular contain sample images of generic personality types that do not correspond to actual people.

See My Mind!

To see multiple images of my personality, visit the Gallery of Self-Portraits on this site.

Over the years, I have answered a few different questionnaires, and created a few different Spiritual Self-Portraits.

This gallery shows some of the results and discusses their consistencies — and their inconsistencies. It also demonstrates some of the advanced features of the Groja © program, such as its ability to create images of different sizes and with different aspect ratios.

See Your Mind!

To get your Spiritual Portrait, visit the Get Your Portrait page on!

The only way to get your own, personalized Spiritual Portrait is to contact us and ask us to create it for you.

We create each portrait by hand, and the price of an image can range anywhere from $0 to $1000. Because the price of your image may vary dramatically, you should take advantage of the special deals we offer on occasion.

The best way to learn when there special deals — and make sure you are eligible for them when we do — is to subscribe to the Artsy Visions Monthly Newsletter.

Learn More!

To learn more about all this, visit the About page on

The About page at contains a wealth of information, including:

  • The source of inspiration for creating Spiritual Portraits, and a short video explaining the idea
  • Lists of books you can buy and sites you can visit to learn more about the theories used to create these Spiritual Portraits
  • The backstory behind this and the related sites

Anyone who feels like they are on the wrong planet sometimes should definitely check this page out!